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Unveil Melodic Magic

Immerse yourself in the realm of Irish music mastery with our dynamic duo: “Irish Traditional Session Music, Book 1” and the “Primary Tin Whistle Tutor.” Start your journey with Book 1’s 64 iconic tunes, spanning a myriad of styles and moods, while the comprehensive tin whistle tutor equips you with the skills to play this enchanting instrument.

In this exclusive bundle, you’ll discover a holistic approach to musical education. From fostering the foundations of traditional tunes to mastering the intricacies of the tin whistle, these resources are designed to expedite your learning journey. With user-friendly layouts, wire-bound convenience, and a free CD for audio references, this bundle empowers both self-learners and teachers. Embrace the melodies of Ireland and embark on a harmonious adventure with the “Essential Irish Music Duo.”

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Dimensions 297 × 210 × 20 mm

978-0-9932213-0-9, 978-0-9932213-2-3


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Ppaerback & Wire Bound




English, Irish

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Benefits and Features Of Our Books

Clear Musical Pathways

Navigate effortlessly with our user-friendly music notation layout, simplifying your journey to mastering Irish tunes.

Flexible Learning Anywhere

Our wire-bound design ensures easy placement on any surface, keeping lessons accessible and hands-free for immersive learning.

Inclusive Learning Resources

Empower multiple instrument learners with comprehensive finger-scale charts, accommodating diverse musical explorations.

Empower Harmonic Creativity

Elevate your ensemble skills with chord progression symbols, enabling harmony players to contribute to melodic excellence.

Foundations of Mastery

Embrace the essentials of music theory seamlessly, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive grasp of Irish traditional music.

Universal Learning Companion

Crafted for both learners and educators, our resource adapts to your role, fostering a shared journey of musical exploration.

Harmonious Learning Fusion

Unveil the richness of Irish music by blending traditional ABC notation with staff notation, enriching your musical understanding.


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